Specialized Guide on Food Delivery Apps with Single and Multiple Vendors

Did you know that one of the most well-liked business niches in today’s market is food delivery? Eight of ten businesspeople want to invest in the food sector, and there are clear reasons for this. We may conclude that, given its popularity and track record of success, the food delivery industry is one that is strongly advised for start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations in 2024.

All you need is a food delivery app development service from any reputable food delivery app development firm to operate your food delivery business effectively.

Let’s go into more depth about the many kinds of food delivery apps in this article, covering single vendor and multi-vendor applications as well as additional meal delivery options. So let’s begin by going over the essential details about meal delivery applications. iPhone app development companies are experts at making cutting-edge, intuitive mobile apps that are made according to your exact requirements. Their services also guarantee a smooth integration with the iOS ecosystem and offer professional advice from concept to launch, ultimately realizing your ideas on millions of devices across the globe.

Applications for Food Delivery Types

More specifically, an application for food delivery functions as your food delivery outlet’s online presence. It is an app that works with smartphones and is made differently for patrons and restaurant owners. The three primary apps that make up a meal delivery app are the driver-partner, restaurant, and customer apps. In addition to three apps and online dashboard panels as a bonus, several food delivery app development businesses provide them.

Before we talk about the many kinds of food delivery apps, let me just say that you can simply rent food delivery apps on a monthly basis or have them constructed with customization from the ground up. Indeed, there are ready-made food delivery options that are solely SaaS-based and that can be effectively used by paying a monthly charge to the SaaS-provider firm. Undoubtedly, a well-liked 2024 strategy for starting a food delivery service quickly and easily that requires minimal funding and effort.

For our customers and enthusiastic food delivery startup entrepreneurs, Linkitsoft IT Solutions offers comprehensive food delivery app solutions. We have created a wide range of on-demand delivery applications, such as apps for food delivery, grocery delivery, and many more. We will provide to our customers the two comprehensive meal delivery options: the single vendor and the multi-vendor options.

An app for single vendor food delivery: what is it?

A meal delivery software solution that uses just one vendor caters to a specific market or specialty, in this case, food. We have to be conscious about utilizing food delivery apps if we often use them in our daily life. Customers may use a smartphone app to order meals from their preferred restaurant with the assistance of a single vendor food delivery system. It contributes a number of characteristics and advantages that make meal delivery outstanding.

For instance, Swiggy currently offers two models: first, it was a single vendor food delivery service, but it is now a multi-vendor app.

A Single Vendor Food Delivery App’s Features

The following are some of the elements of a meal delivery service with only one vendor. First off, restaurant operators benefit from the benefits of single vendor meal delivery services. As a result, we may define the lone seller as the proprietor of a restaurant or food outlet. No other seller, such as the proprietor of a grocery store, pharmacy, bar, or liquor store, may advertise their company here. Only food products to cook from a restaurant, cloud kitchen, or food delivery outlet may be sold via a single vendor food delivery application. Let’s talk about the features in more depth now. By starting with an earlier stage of your product, MVP development enables you to collect insightful feedback from actual users early on, directing subsequent updates and guaranteeing that the finished product successfully satisfies the demands of the people you are targeting.

1. Social media apps for customers Access/Login Using Phone Number

User Administration
Examine eateries and culinary products.
Personalize Your Food Order
Add to Cart Methods of Payment
Order monitoring in real time
Reorder, cancel, add, update, or modify the delivery address
Order guidelines


  1. Restaurant Owner App Login to your restaurant

Toggle the availability
Accept and reject orders; change the order’s status
Oversee a restaurant
Driver assign feature: auto/manual

  1. Log on to the driver app

Management of driver status
Accept or reject the delivery order.
Current location
Control income
Work experience
Update the status of meal delivery.
Update on cash collecting

  1. The Admin Panel

Oversee eateries
Handle offers
Control income
Control your inventory
Analytics and reports
Control the drivers

A Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App: What Is It?

A meal delivery application with several vendors caters to various delivery niches for its clientele. Because a single application may supply a variety of things, the consumer base is large.

During the epidemic, Swiggy transformed its core concept of food delivery into a multi-vendor delivery app and just released Swiggy Go. A multi-vendor app would enable many company owners to collaborate on a single platform in order to grow their clientele and revenue. An app development company is your partner in helping to bring your idea to life. They use their experience to craft reliable and user-friendly mobile solutions that meet the requirements you have and mentor you through every part of the process to guarantee a finished product that is viable and ready for the market.

Why Use an App for Multi-Vendor Food Delivery? Idea!

The newest approach that third-party on-demand delivery firms were searching for in 2024 was a multi-vendor delivery solution. The concept is quite creative, and we should be grateful for it as it offers the ideal means of increasing your company’s adaptability to raise the earning score. Imagine that the proprietors of pharmacies, grocery stores, and food outlets will split the commission on each order that is made via your mobile app. In fact, it’s a great idea for businesses and startups searching for investments in digital platforms.

Let’s discuss the attributes: Three applications serve as the main function in this case of a single vendor meal delivery solution; however, because we have a variety of shop kinds, we will refer to the app as the store owner app here rather than the restaurant owner app.

Thus, the shop owner app’s functionalities, which include the following, are essentially the same as those of the driver and consumer apps.

The toggle for store availability in the Multi-Vendor Store Owner App

Accept or reject the order
Driver assignment: manual or automatic
Sending offer alerts and updating order status
Changing the offer banners
updating the cost of the deal
Ratings and reviews for stores
Keep in mind Details about the store’s location

Cost of a Meal Delivery App with One or More Vendors

In order to establish an estimate for your food delivery or multi-delivery company, it is crucial to investigate the cost of an on-demand delivery application.

Once again, there’s a twist: there are several approaches to starting an on-demand delivery company. You must be asking yourself now, what are the methods? Allow me to provide the top two options for launching your ideal on-demand delivery company.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Customized Food Delivery App with One or More Vendors?

Compared to customizing food delivery application development, the cost of pre-made single- or multi-vendor apps is comparatively lower.

Here, there isn’t a fee associated with designing the meal delivery application for the owner. Rather, the owner of the food delivery app must pay a monthly rental or charge to the service provider firm in order to use the meal delivery or multifood delivery solution.

We prefer to explain our pricing structures during the online business call, thus they are not included here. However, we can reassure our customers that we can work with them to create the greatest on-demand delivery software solution possible, both in terms of cost and functionality.

View the single-vendor and multi-vendor food delivery app solutions that we have created. You may examine the several features we’ve included in the application by watching this video.

Development of Food Delivery Apps: Business Advantages

A pandemic- and future-proof business is the main advantage of investing in a single-vendor or multi-vendor food delivery app. Only the on-demand delivery market continued to grow throughout the epidemic while other firms failed to react.

In order to be even more certain of market interpretation by focusing on multi-vendor deliveries, we therefore urge our customers to take a risk and invest in a multi-vendor meal delivery app. The consumer base grows with increased market penetration.


Here is all you need to know before working with any meal delivery app development business in Pakistan or the USA to design a single vendor or multi-vendor food delivery solution. At Linkitsoft, To have a thorough technical grasp of the same, please leave your comments below.


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