Safe Driving during Festive Seasons: Best Practices for Managing Higher Traffic in Dubai

Holiday times are around the corner. Driving in Dubai’s thoroughfares is a mixed feeling. Despite the congestion and the presence of more cars and motorists, the sheer number of vehicles on the road keeps interest going. Be always trying your best to make it through during your Christmas period in a safe manner! Knowing the warning signs of a traffic jam and the planned routes around the city can be very important information for you. Find the service provider that hires only the professional drivers of a good standard. Having applied stringent standards corporations like Safe Driver Dubai for example, carries out background checks, have driving courses and more of a defensive driving type. The monthly drivers with long-standing experience in Dubai network have an understanding not only of the driver’s rules, but also know which moment is the most difficult for them and how to manage it. Rather than you drive, offload this labor to skilled drivers, so that you can be truly seizing the joyfulness and spirit of the celebration. If you know how to make a roadway fearful, then you have a right partner; you can do the best to bring about a happy holiday season instead.

Safe Driving in Dubai during the Festive Season

Plan for heavy traffic and leave early

one of the downsides of Dubai is that even during the festive season when the pressure on transport services is increased, this gets worse due to more movement of people, events and tourism. By doing so, you will be saving yourself from the frustration of being late to your destination. You should instead plan early and give yourself extra time to avoid the rush or any inconveniences that may arise. If you use the city traffic reports to plot the route, you’ll be in a good position to decide the best period to travel and the alternative roads to use just in case. Don’t forget that you are human and you cannot speed up hours of travel, so planning some extra time for hanging around and unexpected delays will help you de-stress and get used to the traveling realities. One of the advices is to obey all traffic laws and signs.

Sometimes driving in heavy traffic can be tiresome and you may be tempted to speed, take illegal turns or even break rules when this happens, but in this case you and other drivers endanger your lives. Obey all reckless adherences with traffic lights, road signs and speed limits. Not losing your temper and be kindness to the other drivers and pay attention to the road always. No electronic communications via phone while driving. There should not be any children or pets in the car.

Consider a designated Driver

Have a sober driver with you, when going out during holiday seasons which has drinking as the main culture or get use some designated drivers service. “‘Monthly driver Dubai’ and ‘Safe driver Dubai’ provide using licensed and qualified drivers to drive you to and from evens. They are aware about the Dubai roads to navigate the heavy traffic, thus allowing you to be at ease and take pleasure without thinking about driving or parking. It is for this reason that we should ensure that everyone has access to safety and remain safe during this time of festivities since they are a cheaper option.

Drive defensively and cautiously

while driving on the road could be more confronted with traffic or pedestrians during holidays, precautions are essential. Make sure you are fully alert any time when dangers or changes might unexpectedly arise. Maintain respectful distance from other vehicles and the minimal speed in the nearby residential areas and event venues. Look after the distracted people walking and keep your mind on traffic at junctions and parking lots. USING THIS SAMPLE: As we navigate through the maze of college life, it is essential to continuously prioritize our mental health and seek support when needed. Through observing the traffic rules, using safety belts and also approaching the roads safely you sure avoid accidents and arrive at your destination in one piece.

Tips for Safe Driving in Dubai during the Festive Flurry

Dubai celebrates the stunning end of the Year holidays in the spirit of friendship, happiness and numerous festivals. Nonetheless, despite the bad traffic in the festive season which, unfortunately, cannot help the celebration and had the possibility of creating accidents for the drivers. To ensure you arrive safely at your destinations amid the rush, consider the following recommendations:

Avoid Peak Traffic Times

In the mean time, the roads are mostly packed during sunset when it is time for the If tar during Ramadan (and more usually in the Eid Al Fitr and National Day). Time reservations would be helpful if you can schedule your trips and errands during off peak hours, the early morning or late morning. Travel time will reduce to half and your frustration attach to driving will get easier.

Register stop professional driver

Commuting is a daily routine for the majority of residents. Ensure convenience and safety by booking professional car service with the company Monthly Driver Dubai. Their drivers on weekly basis are the local residents of the Emirates so they are well aware with the Dubai road pattern. They have features that enable them to select the most appropriate route which sometimes include even alternative routes that can make the trip not only more straightforward but also more enjoyable at the end of the day. The Monthly Driver Dubai service is reputed of offering a fair rate plan which therefore does not force you to have an extra budget during holidays because of the surcharge on the normal rate.

Stay Alert and Patient

On the other hand, it’s not difficult at all to either become impatient or distracted or be a distracting person when driving in dense, slow traffic. Therewith, it is necessary to continue staying alert. Be alert to the thoughtless drivers taking off road unexpectedly or the emergency services rushing while attempting to run through. To reduce irritability that will make you feel like you have been driving for longer and eventually increase the possibility of accident stay calm.

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Avoiding the last minute rush and using a good driver service with proper care while driving on the roads will give you the true holiday destinations of the festival time of Dubai without the traffic and parking worries. From all of us here, enjoy your holidays but let’s stay safe!


In conclusion, However along with Christmas and New Year holidays comes self-temptation and road safety hazards. While you drive through the congested traffic and aggressive drivers, remember to be alert and drive cautiously. An extra 5 mines can help you get to your destination on time. So, during your journey never get distracted by anything else. Drive within a legal limit, keep to speed limits, and be careful while keeping a look out for pedestrians. While driving on this hectic and congested timeframe, do not forget to always practice the safe driving practices to keep not only yourself safe but the others around you as well. While the festive mood makes a beautiful backdrop to this season, the safety of everyone should ideally be the cardinal principle. Hence, with care and attention, we are able to get there with everyone on board. The roads are in use by every driver; therefore we ought to use them in accordance to the rules of sharing.

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